Sunday, June 04, 2006

Panic Attack Of The Aged

OK, so I'm moving closer to the big 60! It's time for me to stop, slow down, chill out, and veg out. But instead I am cutting my cake into thin slices. I'm tired and worn out but I'm hanging in there. My father is not in good health and I now have the duty of taking over our fast food restaurant. This by itself wouldn't be bad but mix it with all my other duties, I find I have no time for me. Yes, I admit I have been verily spoiled for many years but now? Now is not the time as I creep into my old age! While visiting my husband in Oregon last week we received a notice to vacate from the condo where he temporarily resides while in transition on the selling of his business. It seems that the units were sold and the new owners want to convert for sale instead of rental. Like I dont' have enough on my plate!!! Now I juggle my duties of finances for two states and reconcile 5 different bank accounts as well as doing the books for my business but now I have to help Jerry seek residence by the end of this month! Believe me I don't mean to come across as complaining. I just don't know how to spread myself to cover all my duties. Oh well this is and will continue to be a test by God and I will not lay down!!!!! Thanks for listening.