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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Have you ever really listened to the english language? I mean no wonder it is so hard for non-english speaking people to learn this most difficult language. I mean almost daily Webster is being filled with new, updated, 21st century words! But before I get into that I want to talk about Oximoron's! An oxymoron is a rhetorical figure in which contradictory terms are combined to create new meaning. For example:

Icy/hot, Jumbo Shrimp, a little pregnant, a fine mess, True lies, act natural, alone together, awfully good, pretty ugly, living dead, original copy or plastic glasses; modern history, bitter sweet, random order. I could go on and on. This would confuse most foreign people.

But it is our slang and idioms that is the most difficult to understand, such as:

running off at the mouth, mickey mouse, brainwashed, airhead, Rad, loser; the bomb! Well I think you get the picture. So I'm asking your input on Oximoron's and slang words and idioms.

Lets hear from you brain children.



Blogger *aimee* said...

You make some very interesting points. I guess I really don't think about it often because I have always known this language. I do admire anyone who knows multiple languages and people who speak English as a second language deserve major cudos. :o)

9:45 PM  

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